Barra Lliure

barra lliure

The Teatre Lliure podcast

barra lliure is the podcast of the Teatre Lliure, presented by the journalist Anna Pérez Pagès with the collaboration of Bernat Reher and with the sound production of Anna Mauri. Each episode is a relaxed conversation with the artistic team of the season’s own productions about creation processes, research materials... Like being in the bar before the show, that quiet meeting place to listen and share in calm. Open 24 hours.

1x01 | barra lliure

Fàtima with Jordi Prat i Coll and Queralt Casasayas
A journey into the darkness, an impossible route for impenetrable brains, a poetic walk through Raval that is not at all dreamlike, a blow to the stomach without forgetting tenderness. All this is Fàtima according to Jordi Prat i Coll and Queralt Casasayas, who explain in this podcast the particular (and intense) process of writing and rehearsal of this production that opens the season in Gràcia.

1x02 | barra lliure

Yerma with María Hervás and Juan Carlos Martel Bayod
Yerma is unbridled energy and existential emptiness. Lorca is poetry and symbolism, it is word that builds and wounds. Yerma walks through the scenery of Frederic Amat, which is uterus, shelter, house, prison. A rural drama that reaches the Teatre Lliure directed from the bowels. María Hervás and Juan Carlos Martel Bayod tell us about the certainties, intuitions, work processes and their fascination for Don Federico.