Complementary activities

Complementary activities

For the Teatre Lliure it is very important to offer accompaniment to theatrical performances intended for the whole of society. The complementary activities that are programmed have the support of specialists in the field and want that scene and public dialogue with the context in which we live. Exhibitions, colloquiums, guided tours and the virtual space Cosmos make up a wardrobe that allows you to equip yourself to enjoy the performing arts at all times.

  • Les cases del Lliure: vells espais, nous significats

    We resumed in Montjuïc the exhibition project Les cases del Lliure, which presented last season in Gràcia “Vol fer teatre i parla de tirar l’escenari?”, an exhibition on the foundational reform of the Teatre Lliure at the headquarters of the Cooperativa obrera La Lleialtat.

    We recovered this show in Montjuïc from the beginning of the season and, from April 23 to June 23, we opened in the lobby of the Sala Fabià Puigserver the documentary materials of the reforms of the old Palau de l’Agricultura, from the start of the reform project to the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Lliure.

    13/10 – 23/06 “Vol fer teatre i parla de tirar l’escenari?”
    23/04 – 23/06 Del Palau de l’Agricultura al Lliure de Montjuïc

    Open on performances timetable



  • Una ciutat en escena

    This season we inaugurate a new exhibition at the Bar de de Gràcia, focused as always on documentary and photographic language. On this occasion, it has the collaboration of La Casa de Carlota, the first design studio in the world that includes in its team people with intellectual disabilities, and who is the author of the campaign this season 23/24.

    To find the graphic thread of this year, a series of photographs have emerged that capture details of the city of Barcelona. A Barcelona seen under the eyes of someone who lives in it fully, and that allow to guess a nearby and recognizable city, far from monumentalism. In addition, Barcelona is the main stage of the works that we present in this season at the Lliure de Gràcia, and that is why we wanted to dedicate this exhibition to the birthplace of the Teatre Lliure.

    20/09 - 16/06

    Open on bar timetable



  • We value another season the meetings with the artistic teams of the shows following the formula of the debates after the show. It is a way to deepen the spectacle of the hand of their own creators and that allows to clarify doubts, share points of view, discuss inherent aspects of the piece, know the most hidden secrets of the work process... and also some anecdote!

    27/10 - Espai Lliure NEW DATE!
    L'última f**king nit

    19/10 - Sala Fabià Puigserver
    La nostra ciutat

    14/12 - Gràcia
    El cine

    22/02 - Sala Fabià Puigserver

    07/03 - Gràcia
    L’imperatiu categòric

  • The Teatre Lliure building in Montjuïc is a theatrical facility inaugurated on 22 November 2001. Designed as such by Fabià Puigserver, it meant the expansion of the Teatre Lliure project, which until then had its headquarters in the Gràcia room, and the renovation of the scene with the technical improvements standard-bearers of the moment.

    To live the Lliure experience, we offer you to visit the building that was the headquarters of the Palace of Agriculture of the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929, inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII, and Flower Market of Barcelona from 1962 to 1984. More than 15,000 m² distributed in two blocks, with a theatre of up to 720 spectators and another of up to 182. You will enter the dressing rooms and you will know why the Sala Miralls is called the Sala Fabià Puigserver, you will pass behind the scenes, you will step on the stage, you will distinguish a curtain from a fourth wall, you will go down to the pit to know how a spiralift stand works, you will see the stage and the plateau from very high and you can contemplate the square Margarida Xirgu from the terrace.

    07 and 08/10/24 Viu Montjuïc, el Parc de la Cultura, 12:00, Free

    10:30 and 12:30


    If you are interested, you must make a prepayment of €2, which on the day of the visit you can reuse to buy tickets (Subscribers, free). The visit is in Catalan.

    You can booking here

    If you want to arrange a guided tour, contact Ona Campillo.

  • Cosmos, which etymologically refers both to the universe and order, wants to be a conceptual map that gathers the context information of the artistic and dramaturgical environment of our productions and residences.

    This device is drawn using a very graphic collaborative digital panel, which we make available to the public to visually enter a universe of (inter)connections that explain the staging. It presents an expanded reality of a show creative processes that, generally, do not leave the intimacy of the rehearsal rooms, and that grows accompanying the montage until its premiere. We value the conceptual, methodological and artistic complexity that is behind the show and we share it with the audience and people interested in discovering these processes from a more academic curiosity.

    The audience can navigate through this dramatic mandala and freely delve into contexts and references around the stage proposal. This element therefore aims to combine the playful aspect of the presentation with the rigour of the contents. In it you will find, among others, the podcast Barra Lliure, libraries and video libraries, audio lists, proper names, links, workbooks, related iconography, quotes and notes of the creators themselves, and own dramaturgical material.