Sale of publications

Sale of publications

Over its history, the Teatre Lliure has published artistic programmes for some of the theatre's own productions. An artistic programme provides an opportunity to take home texts by classical and contemporary authors from all over the world just as they were brought to our stages, or a photographic album of the production, with images of the show, the relevant artistic details and an introduction to the staging.

The artistic programmes are available for purchase for €4 (album) or €8 (album + text). (Programmes up to the 10/11 Season are €6). Bookshops are entitled to a 20% discount.

The Lliure has also produced special publications related to an artist linked to the theatre, such as Cesc Espluga and Fabià Puigserver himself, and to our history, such as Teatre Lliure 76/87 and Teatre Lliure 76/06, commemorating its tenth and thirtieth anniversaries. All the volumes are also on sale at prices between €15 and €20.

We also have available (at €6) the DDT, Documents de Dansa i Teatre dating back to 2003. This publication, which is no longer in print, includes articles, conversations and other theoretical materials based around the shows at the Teatre Lliure.

Please write to the contact email address to check availability.