Fabià Puigserver, un pont cap a l’Est

Fabià Puigserver, un pont cap a l’Est

10/15 to 02/01
Montjuïc i Gràcia


Montjuïc and Gràcia



The exhibitions in the 21-22 season focus on the figure and memory of Fabià Puigserver. The thirtieth anniversary of his death and the seventieth anniversary of his arrival in Warsaw where his family were reunified in exile have inspired us to dedicate the two exhibition projects located in Montjuïc and Gràcia to those formative years in the life of Fabià Puigserver, in a Poland which was considered a centre of the artistic and intellectual world in the 1950s.

The eight years in which he lived in Warsaw, which saw his transition from an adolescent to a young man, are crucial for understanding his entire subsequent artistic career, and the philosophy that he established in the foundational project of the Teatre Lliure. As important as his studies at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts - one of the strongest institutions for understanding innovation in the stage space - was his contact with a society in which culture, and especially theatre, had an undoubted collective value. Despite the limitations arising from the censorship exercised by the pro-Soviet regimes, Poland had an effervescent art scene, which was an intersection for the main intellectual debates in Central Europe.

The two exhibitions we have programmed aim to highlight out this personal experience and the influences and experiences that Fabià brought with him when he returned to Barcelona, and how this background helps to understand the importance of his transformational figure in the context of Catalan theatre.