'Carlota Soldevila: discreció, compromís i llibertat'

'Carlota Soldevila: discreció, compromís i llibertat'

03/17/21 – 04/25/21
Vestíbul de Montjuïc

The tribute installation to Carlota Soldevila is back. This time, adapted to a new format due to restrictions by Covidien: the car will continue to be its main element and the installation will collect intimate memories of personalities very close to Carlota Soldevila, as well as her own voice and image.

Support for Catalan theater from the 1950s to the Lliure.

Station 4 - Un pillar del Lliure
The "million of Carlota". Fabià Puigserver.

Station 5 - The Car
Description of the car and evocation of independence. An inseparable element of Carlota. The expedition organized to facilitate the flight of Albert Boadella to France for the case of La torna.

Station 6 Elitism?
Social origins and cultural environment. Daughter of the Second Spanish Republic.

Station 7 - Anecdotes
The unknown of his age. The flat floor.

Station 8 - La veu de la Carlota
Excerpts from the program Identities , TVC, 11/05/1986


One of the objects that best symbolizes this freedom is your car. The installation in the lobby consists of a Renault 5 , the model he drove when the Teatre Lliure project began. A car that was also made available to friends and that participated, among the highlights of the interviewees, in the procession that allowed the escape of Albert Boadella to France, following his arrest for the show La torna with Els Joglars.

The prominence responds so much to his willingness to advance a legendary 'million pesetas' (€ 6,010) in the face of small and large economic crises in the theater - in the early years of adventure shared with Fabià Puigserve r, Lluís Pasqual , Pere Planella , Muntsa Alcañiz , Domènec Reixach i Lluís Homar -, as in his conciliatory, discreet, cheerful, enthusiastic and devoted body and soul to the artistic and vital project of the Teatre Lliure , which became a space where she was able to develop her independence as a woman and position herself as a leading entrepreneur in Catalan theater in the 1970s.

Picking up on her own words, the car was a symbol of independence and freedom for Carlota Soldevila and also - like the “million of Carlota”, the savings she always had at the disposal of the theater - a means to shape her recognized generosity towards friends. It is the ideal object to reflect a collective as well as a personal historical moment. A car that appears repeatedly in all the memories of the people who treated it during those founding years in today's Catalan theater. The central space of the Lliure de Montjuïc lobby will be occupied by a light beige Renault 5, registered in 1978. This model generated the maximum consensus among the witnesses consulted when this search began. Other witnesses - all agreed in a clear tone, in the presence of his dog Maixa, and in his plaid blanket - recalled as other possible vehicles a Simca 1100 and three Seat models (600, 127 and 124). br />

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