Understory, 1: Intercanvi de cromos

Understory, 1: Intercanvi de cromos

creation Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva Mir resident artists

03/30 – 04/01/22
Montjuïc. Espai Lliure

Show completed


Wed. to Fri. 20:00

Running time

1 h


Espai Lliure


In Catalan


Free previous booking


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

The first part of the Understory project, by the set designer Xesca Salvà and the playwright Marc Villanueva, is now open to audiences. The project's starting point is the life of bacteria and fungi, and it is divided into two sections which can be seen on consecutive days: Intercanvi de cromos [Trading cards] and Paramecis i meteorits [Paramecia and meteorites].

The first three days are based around an album of trading cards that the artists have designed with Carme Gomila and Odile Carabantes, which the members of the audience will be able to try to complete with all the collections that are a part of it. At the same time as the trading card album, they will exchange various texts and materials which they have been working on with the audience. The cards will be every day presented by different bodies and voices: this is a way of opening up and becoming immersed in a creative process that focuses on the invisible world of fungi through the lenses of science fiction. The trading cards will be available free of charge, and the album will be on sale at cost price. The concept of the album continues in Paramecis i meteorits [Paramecia and meteorites].

Understory is a synonym for undergrowth.

Also from 05/11, Understory als TMB
A project in collaboration with the Fundació TMB and the Teatre Lliure in the context of the Carlota Soldevila Creation Grants.

This season's resident artists receiving the Carlota Soldevila Creation Grants are Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva Mir. Their project, consisting of various experiences based around non-human life forms and everything that sustains life without us being aware of it, will be presented in two open door sessions - one in March and the other in June.


Jordi Aspa

Marina Mulet

Eva Ortega

Albert Pérez Hidalgo

Laura Renau

Alba Rihe

Bàrbara Roig

Martí Sales


Carme Gomila, Odile Carabantes, Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva


Gràfiques Ortells


Loyal Print


Teatre Lliure, Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva Mir


The Carlota Soldevila grants are possible thanks to the partnership between the Teatre Lliure and the Fundació Banc Sabadell.

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