Se’ns moren les plantes

Se’ns moren les plantes

creation Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva Mir

08, 09, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 10/23/22
Montjuïc. Institut botànic

Show completed



Running time

1 h 30'


Botanic Institute. Departure from Margarida Xirgu square


In Catalan


08 and 09/10 free. The rest of the days, €6 - €15


Show not accessible.
Tour of medium difficulty through one of the pine forests of Montjuïc.
Hiking shoes are recommended.

Marc Villanueva Mir and Xesca Salvà discuss the life of the sotabosque in Montjuïc, a proposal in collaboration with the Institut Botànic and the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona within the framework of Viu Montjuïc, el Parc de la Cultura and the Biennal de pensament.

Looking for an alternative to the ways of being humans, the resident artists of the 21/22 Season created the project Understory (Intercanvi de cromos, Paramecis i meteorits and Tres raves i un interregne). The exploration was made of the relationship forms of fungi, bacteria and everything that makes up the sotabosque. Now they return to the Lliure to offer the result of their project: what can we learn from these forms of life to enrich human relations? They will reveal it in a sound tour that oscillates between nature and the hallucination born from the dialogue with the scientists and gardeners of the Institut Botànic de Barcelona and the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona.

"What we see and what we do not see is a political question. Because it’s often translated as what we hear and what we don’t hear, what we take care of and what we don’t take care of. Landscapes contain both the visible and the invisible. To look is to see and reveal at the same time. Se'ns moren les plantes is a tour that invites us to listen and observe the landscape like a garden full of aliens, a meeting point between multiple space travels starring plants and other nonhuman beings, coming from the confines of space. Through a guided walk by a film soundman, Se'ns moren les plantes leads to emerge the multiple layers of history that build the landscape. From the geological formation of the Earth to the global displacement of plants that began with colonialism, to its projection in the future, in science fiction key, of intergalactic wood plantations and telepathic plants: a story in which human beings occupy a very small space."
_Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva Mir

"History is at the same time the human practice of telling and all the remains of the past that we turn into stories. Conventionally, historians look only at human remains as archives or diaries, but we can also pay attention to non-human traces and how they contribute to transforming the landscape we have in common. Whether other organisms "tell stories" or not, they contribute to overlapping clues and traces that we understand as history. History, therefore, is the record of various trajectories that made world, human and non-human."
_Anna L. Tsing, The Mushroom at the End of the World


Anatomia Humana Desmontable

Francesca Piñón

Josefina Rozenwasser

Xesca Salvà

Marc Villanueva Mir


Aurora Bauzà

Nicolas Chevalier

Albert Pérez Hidalgo


Xesca Salvà


Jorge Dutor


Marc Lleixà (A.A.I.)


Josefina Rozenwasser


Aurora Bauzà, Pere Jou and Anatomia Humana Desmontable


Helena Febrés


Teresa Garnatje, Neus Ibáñez, Jordi López, Núria Abellán, Miquel Veny and Robert Llimós


Jorba-Miró Estudi Taller d’Escenografia


Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona and Robert Llimós


Teatre Lliure, Xesca Salvà i Marc Villanueva


Institut Botànic de Barcelona

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