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It don't worry me

Atresbandes, Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas

16 to 19 January
It don't worry me

cast Mònica Almirall, Bertrand Lesca, Miquel Segovia, Albert Pérez Hidalgo and Nasi Voutsas
and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

co-produced by Atresbandes, Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

First part of Signat Patrick Watson, a project of the company Atresbandes with Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas on the tension between art and things politically correct.

Espai Lliure / Thursday to Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

tickets 9€ using the free card Generació Lliure!!

follow on the net @ATRESBANDES / @lesca_b / @nasi_v / #ItDontWorryMe

lenght in process
It don't worry me
The projects by Atresbandes advocate a theatre-laboratory that emphasises the creative process in order to question the world around us. They have presented Coda, All In (2017), Locus Amoenus (2014) and Solfatara (2012).