La taula - Terrats en cultura

La taula

Terrats en cultura & +Biennal with Isaias Fanlo

15 and 16/10/22

Show completed


13:00 p.m.

Running time

1 h approx.








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In tune with Terrats en cultura, this year we present in the programming +Biennal of the Biennal del pensament two sessions of La taula, the activity of dialogue devised by the American company Split Britches that is already part of the usual programming of the Lliure. For the +Biennal, the host of the talk will be Isaias Fanlo, and the roof, the headquarter of Gràcia.

La taula [The Long Table] is a project by the American company Split Britches inspired by the film Antonia’s Line by Marleen Gorris and combines theatricality and models of community participation. Anyone in the audience can sit at the table. This discussion mechanism is a quick way to convene people at a meeting point for ideas and thoughts on fundamental issues. At the beginning of each session, your host will dictate the rules of conversation, will pose a series of questions vertebrate of the proposed theme and, from here, will open the participation to anyone who wants to sit at the table and give an opinion. If someone decides to go back to the bleachers, they can always sit at the table when they want to participate again: they can only talk, respecting their turn, from the table. The viewer can also blur the tablecloth and leave comments or drawings on it, may politely ask someone to leave their free place at the table to occupy it and may sit in it quietly, a silence that can be uncomfortable or playful.

And in the end, La taula will end, reaching an end point of this journey by word. A journey that will make us think but not judge. A journey with milestones, but without conclusions.

The themes of these two sessions, within the framework of the Creative Europe project of the European network of rooftop festivals ECRN with the cultural association Coincidències, will be:

15/10 City of present
16/10 City of the future

In collaboration with Virals. Educació, cultura i societat.

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