Resident company based on The Overcoat by Nikolai V. Gogol adaptation and playwriting F. Xavier Manuel Ruiz and Marc Cartanyà director Marc Cartanyà Íntims Produccions

06/03 - 24/03/24
Montjuïc. Espai Lliure

Show completed


School performances
Wednesday to Friday
at 09:30 and 11:30

General performances
Satruday an Sunday at 16.00 h

Running time

1 h 10'


Montjuïc. Espai Lliure


In Catalan (little text)


€7 - €12


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Accessible Friday
Saturday 16/03, relaxed session

Recommended ages


Show included on

El Lliure del futur

The resident company this season, Íntims Produccions, is proposing a physical and visual version of the famous story by Nikolai V. Gogol for puppet theatre. A wordless story.

It becomes difficult to live here, in the city of Akaki, without a good anorak in winter. Akaki has one... well, he had one that was very nice. A first-class anorak, wich now is used, old. Akaki needs a new one, but he doesn’t know if he can afford it. It’s a lot of money, a new anorak, and he has a lot of things to pay... although he's working! He dedicates himself body and soul to work, he does everything he can, he tries not to give problems but, still, he does not reach. Despite his hard work, he doesn’t get money enough! And that’s how Akaki’s journey to get money begins. Money that, in turn, he will spend to buy an anorak that allows him to spend the winter peacefully.

Matthieu Siefridt of the French company Blick Theatre mentors the residence of Íntims Produccions. This support is part of the international mentoring program of the Institut Ramon Llull.

The Carlota Soldevila grants are possible thanks to the partnership with the Fundació Banc Sabadell.


Isaac Baró / Marc Cartanyà (22 and 23/03)

Aitana Giralt

Sandra Pujol / Arnau Boces (1 and 5/03)

Oriol Tosquella

Setting and lighting

Marc Salicrú

Setting collaboration

Jan Clota


Joan Ros

Original music and sound

Clara Aguilar

Outside view<em> </em>puppet animation

Andreu Martínez


Júlia Simó Puyo

Trainee assistant

Nico Cardoso (ITB)

and the teams of

Teatre Lliure


Kiku Piñol / Sala Beckett, Sílvia Poch


Cassandra Projectes Artístics

Special thanks to

Pilar López


Íntims Produccions and Teatre Lliure

© Sílvia Poch
© Sílvia Poch
© Sílvia Poch
© Sílvia Poch
© Sílvia Poch

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