En RESiDÈNCiA Artists

En RESiDÈNCiA Artists

with Lucia Del Greco

Montjuïc. Espai Lliure



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Espai Lliure


In Catalan


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En RESiDÈNCiA Artists is the program of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) and the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona (CEB) that wants to promote the practice of contemporary creation in the city’s public secondary schools. The Lliure participates as mediator, with Lucia Del Greco chosen by public call.

Del Greco’s work proposal is about friendship, the physical and emotional proximity it implies and how it is experienced as one grows. In these ages the collectives begin to form and, in turn, the possibility of being part of one or remain outside it. You also start talking about dangerous friendships, bullying. You start to feel ashamed to hug, to open up, to expose yourself. They begin to create collectives in which individual identity is often diluted and pre-established rules are adopted: categories, roles and labels appear. There are adolescents who enter the collectives, others who are forced and others who remain outside. What spaces remain for individualities and for all those friendships that, perhaps, do not fit into the idea of collective?
This project explores memories of distant friendships and expectations about present and future friendships. At the same time, she investigates the sense of exclusion, isolation and judgment that is often felt at this age.
Finally, adolescents take the floor by putting themselves in the center and, from there, give importance to their experience and the complexity of their relationships with the world.

From September and throughout the school year, the project will be developed at the public institute L'Alzina in Barcelona, and at the end of the year a public presentation will be made.


Lucia Barriga Beltrán

Roger Carmona Cervera

Noa Díaz Judez

Amy Elizabeth Escobar Morales

Judit Fernández Valls

Júlia Gavilán Montaño

Martín González Moreu

Alex Gurrea Mateu

Jennifer Maité Honor Castro

Gisel Imitola Fernández

Leonardo Izzo

Ainara Luque Liaño

Raul Javier Mazar

Blanca Mestres Algueró

Gael Moké Garcia

Julio Alejandro Montaño Fernandez

David Regojo Vallejo

Oriol Roglán Llari

Taisiia Shepilova


Xavier Calvo Requena

Cristina Ruiz Soler

and the teams of

Teatre Lliure


Teatre Lliure

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