Farewell, Petroleum!

Farewell, Petroleum!

created by Pau Masaló

28/04 and 16/06/23



Running time



Montjüic. Espai Lliure


In Catalan


€10 - €29


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

In the framework of the Carlota Soldevila grants, the resident artist of this season is Pau Masaló, of whom we saw last season the show Ciutat dormitori (and this year we replenish). Its work process will be open to the public in selected sessions between March and June.

At the current rate of consumption, estimates suggest that all the world's oil will have been used up by 2050. Farewell, combustion engines. Farewell, intercontinental flights. Farewell, T-shirts for two Euros. Mankind's progress and growth have been dangerously linked with the substance since the first industrial-scale crude oil well was built in 1859. But while the economy grew at a happy rate, oil reserves declined at the same speed.

Farewell, Petroleum! is a theatrical research project that takes the form of the musical requiem as its starting point, and focuses on the turbulent history of this raw material and explores possible collective rituals to say goodbye to a world that will never be the same as it used to be. We want to witness the collapse with a perspective of curiosity and eyes moist with nostalgia. Like someone watching the last embers of some beautiful fireworks in amazement. Farewell! Farewell, my friend!

Pau Masaló’s residence is mentored by British stage director Tim Etchells. This support is part of the international mentoring program of the Institut Ramon Llull.

The Carlota Soldevila grants are possible thanks to the partnership between the Theatre and the Fundació Banc Sabadell.

To learn more
El caos climàtic està assegurat si el petroli i el gas segueixen endavant, by Faith Birol (IEA)
Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2022 | World Economic Forum - Davos 2022
Energy outlook: Overcoming the crisis | World Economic Forum - Davos 2022


In process

Conceived and directed by

Pau Masaló


Pau Masaló and Irena Visa

Setting and costumes

laila Rosato


Clàudia Robert


Teatre Lliure and Contenidos Superfluos

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