David Franch with the students of the Institut Escola Eixample Creadors EN RESiDÈNCiA

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Being a teenager implies making mistakes, not measuring the danger, doing crazy things, enjoying the moment without worrying about the future or the consequences, is being impulsive, rebellious, not respecting authorities, following modes, total lack of control, involves being able to use or manipulate substances such as drugs and alcohol, experience the corterejo, sexuality, later mature, find identity, engage with society and realize a life project, become independent of parents, be productively active and, why not, have a family. And even if it’s not a pattern, in most cases it is.
21 teenagers question what is normal, what is it to be a mother or a normal father, what is it to be a normal teacher, what is a normal relationship, what is it to be an adult, how they imagine themselves as adults, if they consider themselves normal, if they like normal... The result is anything but normal.

The Teatre Lliure continues to join the Creadors EN RESiDÈNCiA programme developed by the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) and the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona (CEB) since 2009. Through the mediation of the Teatre Lliure, an artist is invited to work during the school year with a group of students from a high school in Barcelona.

This season, the artist is David Franch, who will carry out the Normal project with 21 students of 3rd ESO from the Institut Escola Eixample. A way to enter into the scenic practice following various artistic and plastic disciplines.

David Franch begins the process by questioning himself and the students about what is considered by society to be normal or not. The exploration of this social construct aims to encompass the behaviours, ideas and characteristics of individuals, which are generated by society and not as a characteristic of the individual. Its initial intention in this project is to bring stage language to everyone, in this case to young people, with the intention of enhancing creativity and personal skills, developing imagination, stimulating spontaneity, increasing perception and sensitivity, reinforcing self-esteem and autonomy, voice and a critical view.

The project Normal received an Extraordinary Grant for Creation Carlota Soldevila 2021 in the category Stage 0-21.

You can follow the process at the Institut Escola Eixample through the EN RESiDÈNCiA blog: