One Song

One Song

Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV conceived and directed by Miet Warlop NTGent & Irene Wool vzw

06 and 07/04/23
Montjuïc. Sala Fabià Puigserver



Running time



Sala Fabià Puigserver


Song in English (text at the hand programme)


€10 - €29


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Miet Warlop (Mystery Magnet, After All Springville) returns with a musical competition. It is a collectivising ritual for leaving the past behind with hope.

A new project by this Belgian artist, who we have already seen in After All Springville and Mystery Magnet (winner of the Theatertreffen Stückemarkt awards at the Berliner Festspiele 2012). Twelve performers take part in a musical competition accompanied by a presenter and a cheerleader. They will form a community around a single song, and lift each other up until they are exhausted in order get ahead. A ritual of farewell, death, hope and resurrection, in which the personal becomes collective and one song can give meaning to an entire society, united in the diversity of humans of all ages.

One Song is the result of the question "what's your story as a theatre maker?" which the NTGent creative centre asked the artist. A co-production with the Teatre Lliure that makes up Chapter IV of their Historie(s) du théâtre and premières at the Avignon Festival in 2022.

Miet Warlop is one of today's leading avant-garde performing artists. Her shows, containing brushstrokes of silent humour, are at the intersection between the visual arts, performance and the theatre. She is also currently working on a new production, Delirium, in collaboration with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and the Kaaitheater, which will première in the spring of 2024.


"One of the 10 best european theater 2022."
Matt Wolf - The New York Times

"The most exalted show of the opening days is directed by the uncategorisable Belgian artist Miet Warlop. One Song means what it says in the title – a single, boppy composition by Maarten van Cauwenberghe repeated for an hour by a ragtag group of musician-athlete-apostles. There’s a frantic drummer, a gymnast-violinist on a balance beam, a double-bassist doing punishing sit-ups to reach his instrument, a jumping keyboard player and a singer on a treadmill, all wearing sports kit with socks sourced from Gammarelli, the papal tailor in Rome. They are imprisoned in a time warp gym with a crowd of fans on an upstage bleacher cheering them on raucously as they repeat the music faster, even faster and then lurchingly slower, following an on-stage metronome and the incomprehensible injunctions of a hysterical, hilarious, megaphone-wielding announcer. Just when you feel they’re getting the hang of things, water starts dripping on them, making them slip and slide quite dangerously. […] So far, so Sisyphean: but Warlop’s real intent is to lead us through the patent humour and futility of this set-up towards deeper concerns about the purpose of human action, collaboration and – etched through the song’s incantation – the brutal and universal cycle of grief. [...] Completing the frenetic tableau, a whirling performer chants text and assembles clay tiles of words in meandering phrases around the stage, ending by dancing with the word “if”. “In everyday life, ‘if’ is an evasion, in the theatre ‘if’ is the truth,” wrote Peter Brook in The Empty Space. Brook is in the minds and hearts of everyone here, joyously sharing reminiscences of this awesome director, who is – surprisingly – officially commemorated only by a festival blogpost."
Andrew Todd - The Guardian


Kris Auman

Elisabeth Klinck

Willem Lenaerts

Milan Schudel

Melvin Slabbinck

Joppe Tanghe

Karin Tanghe

Wietse Tanghe


Imran Alam

Stanislas Bruynseels

Matilde Casier

Flora van Canneyt


Jeroen Olyslaegers


Giacomo Bisordi


Miet Warlop


Carol Piron – Filles à Papa


Dennis Diels


Maarten Van Cauwenberghe


Martijn De Bondt


NTGent, Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw


Teatre Lliure, Festival d’Avignon, DE SINGEL (Anvers), Tandem Scène nationale (Arras-Douai), Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne Centre dramatique national, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) and La Comédie de Valence - Centre dramatique national Drôme – Ardèche


Govern Flamenc, La Ville de Gand, Tax Shelter del govern federal de Bèlgica


Frans Brood productions

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