Los Satélite

Los Satélite

play and direction Ricard Gázquez

15/10/20 - 13/09/22
Lliure online

Show completed


From 10/15/20 at 20:00
Until 10/15/21

Running time

1 h


Lliure online




€ 5 / € 29 Seat online


Sunday 11/15/20 at 20:00 with José Corbacho

Somewhere out in the Baix Llobregat, Jenny has disappeared. In her neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the city, some people suspect she has powers… Based on what the neighbours say about her, we find out what happened and what they think of her in this satellite town. Prick up your ears and learn the truth of her case!

XLIV Born Award 2019


Laura Benito Jennifer, Jenny, Jenn

Carolina Blanco the best friend

Isabelle Bres lthe young woman in the Hiyab, nurse

Pepa Calvo the old woman

Miruna Dinu the underground singer

Berton Fernández the old man

Ricard Gázquez Ahmed

Eli Iranzo the tanned woman

Natalia Jiménez the young woman in the tracksuit

Rubén Medina Jordi

Sílvia Martí the skinny woman

Anabel Moreno the mature woman

Olalla Moreno the young professor of Audiovisual culture

Xavier Ripoll the Philosophy professor

Salvador Sánchez Kevin


Lucas Ariel Vallejos


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