La vida es sueño

La vida es sueño

by Pedro Calderón de la Barca dramaturgy and direction Lucía Miranda animation Javier Burgos

23/10/20 - 13/09/22
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From 10/23/20 at 17:00
Until 10/23/21


Running time

15 / 20’


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The open adaptations of theatrical classics for children that we started last season continue. This time we approach...

Calderón de la Barca is one of the most emblematic playwrights of Spain’s Golden Age. He premiered this play, which examines how we perceive reality, dreams and freedom, at the height of the Baroque era in 1635. The main character is Segismundo, the king’s son, who has lived shut inside a tower since he was born because a fortune teller said that he would bring disgrace upon the kingdom. And next to him, Rosaura, the female main character, who has always been in a background position ... until now! It’s from her perspective that we will get to know what happens at court and how we can relate it to reality, dreams and the possibility of being the way we want to be.



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