by Leja Jurišić and Marko Mandić in cooperation with director Bojan Jablanovec and writer Semira Osmanagić

Montjuïc. Espai Lliure

Show completed



Running time

6 h (you are allowed in and out of the theatre room)


Espai Lliure


To be decided


€9 to €29 / Katharsis subscription €39 (3 tickets)


Hearing assistance via mobile phone


No debate

It is recommended to watch the whole performance.
You can also enter at any time during the performance.
The performance is not participatory.
Bar service open

The Katharsis 2022 closes with a classic multi-award performance by a group of Slovenian artists -linked to the Via Negativa platform- that explores the limits of the genre in every way with a 6-hour performance!
You can at any time during the performance and bar service will be open.

Today we are witnessing unbearable inflation of performativity. Everything is a performance; we are drowning in the constant presence and medialization of everything. We are quick to identify what we bind us together, yet we are unable to bind ourselves to anything for any significant amount of time. Be “together” requires an investment that is increasingly difficult to pay.
Leja and Marko deal precisely with this investment, but without looking for an answer outside of themselves, in some external site (a theory, a story, a mythology) that would make sense of their relationship. They turn the question upon themselves: Why do I want to be together (with him / her), how to endure being together, what to do (with oneself) so that “together” becomes a realization of a surplus (in me), how to avoid the hierarchy of power (for that is not being together) ...? And last but not least: How to establish this “together” in the performative time and space of the spectator?

Award for the Best Performance of Season 2017/18 by the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia.
Award at the discretion of the Jury for Unique Performative Gesture at the Maribor National Theatre Festival 2018.
Award for the Best Performance at the Slovenian Dance Biennale Gibanica 2019.


Leja Jurišić

Marko Mandić


Semira Osmanagić


Igor Remeta


Jure Vlahović


Žiga Predan


Pekinpah and Via Negativa


Kino Šiška

© Matija Lukic
© Matija Lukic
© Matija Lukic
© Matija Lukic
© Matija Lukic
© Matija Lukic
© Matija Lukic

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