Identitat sonora

Identitat sonora

with Serge Von Arx and Sodja Zupanc Lotker

10/10 – 16/10/22

Show completed


Sun. 16/10 - 18:30
Attendees must wear headphones and mobile phone.

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Montjuïc. Espai Lliure


In English


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Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Sonic Identity workshop directed by Serge Von Arx and Sodja Zupanc Lotker will explore the idea of a monument as a possibility to create space for memory, presence and dialogue; in a way that proposes a critical look on our system of values and hierarchies, making invisible things visible.

The workshop seeks to question the common conception of a monument, attempting to invert the categories mentioned above. We will investigate fragile and precarious monuments as societal and cultural agents maintaining or triggering debates and fostering communities, monuments rather as triggers for future activation than manifestations of the past. Monuments are ‘structures erected to commemorate a notable person or event’ usually in a public space. They stand, or are supposed to stand for the values of the society as well as for authority. Monuments are heavy, physically and mentally. They perform power and principles. Are monuments even possible in the world where we want to question and get rid of centralization of power and wealth? Or can we find new ways to cherish our values and make them sharable? What are the monuments we want to build today?

We will build on existing live sound-walks undertaken by Arrels Fundació with homeless people in Barcelona. Those walks invite small groups of audience to be taken to a tour in the city, guided by citizens living in the street, revealing their forms of identity and privacy which are woven into the public urban area. The workshop will inquire forms to make those walks available to a wider audience, independent of personal guides, using methods from the arts, architecture, performance and cooking.

Paying tribute to the vulnerable situation of the workshop theme and investigation at stake, and furthermore in respect to the involved personalities, this third workshop at Teatre Lliure will consist in the development of concepts, agendas and possible trajectories how such a platform could be developed and established in the future. Each proposed sketch should be accompanied by a fragment which will be implemented and accessible to the senses.

Working on interwoven threads of sensory experience of personal narratives in relation to the urban space, and specifically the collision between private and public space, we will raise questions and try to accentuate distinct aspects of our societies. We will give silent voices to the ones we tend and try to ignore and forget.

The workshop, as in previous editions, will feature university students from various disciplines (music, cooking, scenery, design...) and will be conducted in collaboration with Arrels Fundació.


Lisa Marion Birkenbach

Solveig Dagsdottir

Bruno Gil Moreno De Mora

Carmen Gómez García

Esther Gómez Montera

Pol Julià

Amandine Kervyn

Irina Komissarova-Slavgorodskiene

Nicolás Kupper

Ferran Martínez

Marta Pintó

Zuzana Šklíbová