Aspecte global d'una qüestió

Aspecte global d'una qüestió

directed by Atresbandes (Mònica Almirall, Albert Pérez Hidalgo and Miquel Segovia)

07/06 - 18/06/23

Show completed


Wedn. - Sat. 20.00
Sun. 18.00

Running time

1 h 30'




In Catalan and Spanish. Spanish subtitles on 17/06


€9 to €29


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Atresbandes, the resident company of this season presents, in addition to Desert - the process of experimentation that can be seen also in Gràcia -, this other piece on the feeling that our relationships could have been otherwise.

It is a strange and constant feeling: they could always have been otherwise, our relationships. This show presents a range of situations that, within the limits of the grotesque, dissect seemingly ridiculous but human characters, perhaps too human. Perhaps the common thread of these stories is a kind of strange tenderness and an extreme eagerness to learn to love: sometimes in an orthopedic and well-intentioned way, sometimes deliberately terrifying. The piece moves forward following a vignette map that ends up becoming a contemporary radiograph full of therapies, pets and sentimental problems. Common issues of a large part of Western society, living them as true tragedies.

Cast and creation

Mònica Almirall

Nicolás Carbajal

Mariona Naudín

Albert Pérez Hidalgo

Miquel Segovia

Dramaturgical advisers

Albert Boronat and Pau Masaló Llorà


Pau Masaló Llorà


Adriana Parra


Ana Rovira


Sammy Metcalfe and Miquel Segovia


Imma Bové and Atresbandes

Trainee assistant

David Borotau


Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona, Festival de Otoño de Madrid, Cielo Drive S.L. and Atresbandes

Supported by

Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, grants “Premis Barcelona 2020” from the Ajuntament de Barcelona, El Canal Centre d’Arts Escèniques Salt/Girona and Centre Cívic Navas (Barcelona).