Dramaturgies of paradox

Dramaturgies of paradox

guest Begoña Román presents and dinamizes Marina Garcés




Running time

1 h 30'




In Catalan


€2 - €4 / Subscribers free

What distinguishes paradox from contradiction? Have we gone from the monument theatre to the document theatre? Is reality leaving less and less space for the imagination in philosophy, as well? How does paradox work as a tool to create the scenes of life?

The thinker Begoña Román is member of the Aporia Research Group in Contemporary Philosophy, Ethics and Politics at the University of Barcelona,

A continuation of the forum for dialogue, criticism and debate organised by the Teatre Lliure and fostered by Marina Garcés and Albert Lladó, where the tools of theatre art and philosophy are used to consider today's great conflicts. This season there are eight sessions.

On the Teatre Lliure Youtube channel you can find the Escola de pensament sessions recorded.
With the help of the Institut Ramon Llull on recording and subtitles in English.

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