Dramaturgies of the institution

Dramaturgies of the institution

guests Nil Martín and Joana Masó presents and dinamizes Marina Garcés


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Running time

1 h 30'




In Catalan


€2 - €4 / Subscribers free


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Whom do we call cultural ‘dinosaurs’, and why? How can management be effective and yet simultaneously radical and transformative? How can we establish protocols and practices that do not turn into a bureaucratisation of the shared experience?

The researcher and cultural critic Joana Masó, the author of Tosquelles, curar les institucions, talks with the actor Nil Martín, one of the driving forces behind the fanzine #FilaZero, where the Nova Veu collective inquires into how to bring theatre to younger audiences.

A continuation of the forum for dialogue, criticism and debate organised by the Teatre Lliure and fostered by Marina Garcés and Albert Lladó, where the tools of theatre art and philosophy are used to consider today's great conflicts. This season there are eight sessions.

On the Teatre Lliure Youtube channel you can find the Escola de pensament sessions recorded.
With the help of the Institut Ramon Llull on recording and subtitles in English.

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