Essence of Poland

Essence of Poland

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Montjuïc. Espai Lliure

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Montjüic. Espai Lliure


In English subtitled in Catalan


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The stage director and visual artist Wojtek Ziemilski invited renowned Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm to create a unique scent: the essence of Poland. This 2019 proposal, premiered at Culturescapes in Basel, is the first performative conference of this season.

Wojtek Ziemilski (Stanford, 1977) is a theatre director and visual artist. His performances have been shown in over 20 countries, at events such as the Ruhrtriennale, the Prague Quadriennial, the Divine Comedy Festival, and won awards such as the Main Prize of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel or the Main Prize of the Fast Forward Festival in Dresden. Ziemilski extends the idea of documentary performance. His work is often an inquiry into spectatorship and the possibility for action. By using tools such as devising, real-time composition, but also references from the world of visual arts and various media, he builds universes that combine aesthetic experience with intellectual inquiry. He teaches contemporary approaches to performance with a particular focus on devising techniques, connections between contemporary dance and theatre, and the use of media in performance. He is a lecturer at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw and at the Warsaw University, and has been giving lectures and workshops across the world, e.g. at the Prague DAMU, UNIRIO in Rio de Janeiro, or the Krakow National Theatre School. He is currently preparing a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Performative lectures are a subgenre of the performance which was a feature of the programme of Katharsis 20/21. This year, we return to this genre, which is being presented in the Espai Lliure, in order to continue our investigation of how we can convey knowledge through an artistic experience. With local and international artists and theorists, we will be seeking how to combine our intellect and sensitivity to bring to the spectator a wisdom that needs to be conveyed through the aesthetic enjoyment that the theatrical experience gives us.
We seek to answer the questions by experience.


Wojtek Ziemilski




Wojtek Ziemilski




Instituto Polaco de Cultura - Madrid


Essence of Poland uses the following works:

Natalia LL, “Consumer Art”, video, © Natalia LL

Stanisław Wyspiański, “Self Portrait in Jerkin” (public domain)

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, “Creating the World”, © Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi

Akademia Ruchu, “Happy Day”, © Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Akademii Ruchu

Eustachy Kossakowski, “Tadeusz Kantor’s ‘Panoramic Sea Happening”, © Anka Ptaszkowska

WIlhelm Sasnal, “Anarchy”, © WIlhelm Sasnal

Teresa Murak, “Procession”, © Teresa Murak

Paweł Althamer, “Astronauts”, © Paweł Althamer

Piotr Halicki, “Julita Wójcik ‘Tęcza’”, © Piotr Halicki/Onet

All footage is used in accordance with the EC Copyright Directive 2001/29 and Berne Convention art.10 (so-called “right to quote”)