Arxiu Lliure

Arxiu Lliure

The Teatre Lliure archive is a digital space under construction that will allow you to browse our documentary collections in an open way and without time restrictions.

The will of the theater is is to preserve and make known the artistic testimonies of our trajectory, generated by the theater or by third parties, to give them the historical value they deserve and to be a source of inspiration for both research and creation. In the Archive it will be possible to discover and relive the scenic fact following the intuition and also the logic from a full interrelation of the documented materials.

Photographs, videos of shows, interviews, music, hand programs, posters, press archives, collections of objects, oral backgrounds, plans ... form a set of almost 50,000 documents corresponding to more than 2,000 shows, suitable to be consulted for pedagogical, academic and / or cultural purposes. And they are completed with its own bibliographic collection and the libraries provided by Fabià Puigserver, Carlota Soldevila, Lluís Pasqual and Anna Lizaran.

The timeless dialogue of the performing arts, just a click away.

  • While the Archive is in preparation, the Teatre Lliure continues to offer a la carte viewing services for the audiovisual and photographic collection for academic, teaching and support purposes for creators.

    To request a viewing, fill out the form and send it to the contact email.

  • Lliure's publications (art programs and books) are for sale, as long as the fund allows. For orders, write to the contact email .

As long as the archive of the theatre is under construction, you can still access the information of the previous seasons through the following link: