Un tros de pa

Un tros de pa

Co. Les Pinyes
school performances

07/11 - 11/11/22

Show completed


Mon. - Fri. 09:30 and 11:30

Mon. 21/11 workshop
09:30, 10:30,
11:30 and 12:30

Running time

40’ / 45’ (workshop)


Montjüic. Espai Lliure


In Catalan


€7 students (workshop included) / capacity 56 people


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Recommended ages

3 to 5 (infant cycle)

Show included on

El Lliure del futur


by the Educational programm

Show presented only in school performances signed by the company Les Pinyes, designed specifically for La caixa del Lliure of infant and primary, within the framework of the Educational program of the Teatre Lliure.

In Un tros de pa, there is a meeting with friends to prepare breakfast for children of P3, P4 and P5. What do you want? A cake? A snack? What if we make cookies? Be that as it may, we’ll have to get dirty and get our hands on the ground, and we believe that if we all do it together a very good bread can come out. We embark on a journey of companionship and solidarity in which flour, paper and twine take shape and live to enjoy a visual and sensitive experience.

At the 21/11 function in the morning, you can attend the experimental workshop Obrim la caixa: mans a la massa! conducted by the company. In this workshop we will play with one of the songs of Un tros de pa and with the rhythms that make our hands when kneading. We will learn his belt and melody with a joint choreography. With our hands we will work the sense of touch and discover distinct sensations and qualities. Teamwork, psychomotor skills and musicality will be the main axes of this activity.

The company Les Pinyes was born in 2019 and is formed by three visual theatre actresses from the Institut del Teatre. From this language, they work in an interdisciplinary way and give importance to movement and music. Some of his creations are La favera mágica, BROSS ÉS BROSSA i Glassmur. In the season 21/22, the company accompanied the project La caixa del Lliure at the Escola Marta Mata in Barcelona.

Didactic objectives of the show

  • Referring to facts, concepts and themes: Promote solidarity and companionship. Value crafts, crafts and manual work.
  • Referring to procedures: Stimulate imagination, creativity, experimentation, sensitivity and curiosity through the infinite possibilities of play and representation of the world of a stage box, paying special attention to the visual and sensitive experience.
  • Referring to values, attitudes and norms: Value the performing arts as a form of expression. Show curiosity and interest in the world of theatre and visual and plastic arts. Learn to be knowledgeable, sensitive, respectful and aware spectators of the performing arts.

Didactic objectives of the workshop
  • Discover the game possibilities of La caixa del Lliure. Understand theater as a multidisciplinary game with bodies, colors, lights, sound, objects, spaces... Promote discovery, experimentation, mental representation, communication, coexistence, autonomy, imagination, expression... Awaken the senses and investigate the creative possibilities of the body.


Marta Asamar Garcia

Cèlia Castellano Algaba

Noèlia Fajardo Franch

Sound and music live

Judit M. Gené

Original idea, creation and direction

Co. Les Pinyes


Teatre Lliure and Co. Les Pinyes

La caixa del Lliure

idea Dadà.

design Joan and Marina Baixas