La ciutat és nostra

La ciutat és nostra

direction Carla Rovira

16 and 17/05/23

Show completed


13:00 and 17:00


Espai Lliure


In Catalan


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Forth edition of this educational and artistic project of the Institut de Cultura and the Teatre Lliure based on the co-creation of a show between different public educational centers in Barcelona, under the leadership of a stage direction professional.

This year the artist Carla Rovira will work with the students and teachers of the institutes Barri Besòs, Caterina Albert, Doctor Puigvert, El Joncar and Montjuïc.

"With the idea of taking pictures of the city of Barcelona from the experiences and experiences of students from five different institutes in the city, During the Escena pilot project we will carry out a research process on the visible and invisible spaces of the neighborhoods where the institutes participating in the project are located. This research will be the basis for the creation project La ciutat és nostra. Through the discoveries, we will generate a dramaturgy about the urban space and the life that happens in it. The first part, that of research, will be carried out by the students of each institute. They will look for what spaces are more everyday and what absolutely unknown. They will share this cartography with the other institutes to see what similarities and differences they have between them. From these findings we will build a city of our own, that of the students. And it will be this city of ours that will weave dramaturgy and creation."
_Carla Rovira