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VIDA DE LÁZARO (contrabandista d’idees fluorescents)
Montjuïc – Stalls 1 SFP may 11 and 13

While searching to learn more about her grandfather’s identity, Dutch performer Nicole Balm discovered a rather different person in the Catalan Pyrenees: an 80-year old neo-hippie who lived in the woods, danced buck naked every morning, and died in 1961, riddled through with bullets by the Guardia Civil while trafficking contraband fluorescent light bulbs. As a result of this, Nicole launched an investigation which led her to discover the fascinating life of Lázaro Rius Tubert –child genius, self-taught mechanic, inventor of the first foldable umbrella, pioneer in solar energy and nudism, choreographer, French Resistance collaborateur and a great humanist– a man who influenced the life and work of the top scientists of the first half of the 20th century. Now, five years later, this boundary-defying innovator has rescued Lázaro from obscurity with the on-stage help of a multi-disciplinary university professor and a Czech beekeeper.


created and performed by
Nicole Balm
, Jordi Bover and Ladislav Sôukup

original concept, dramaturgy, and direction Ernesto Collado / parenthetical explanations and visual effects Jordi Bover / set and lighting / management ETERI - Montse Prat and Meritxell Felip

coproduced by Festival Temporada Alta - Festival de Tardor de Catalunya, the Teatro Jofre de Ferrol and Fundación Collado - Van Hoestenberghe with the collaboration of Centro Párraga de Múrcia, Ajuntament de Pontós and Ajuntament de Sant Mori with the support of the CoNCA - Consell Nacional de les Arts de la Generalitat de Catalunya

information and distribution:

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