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Montjuïc – Espai Lliure may 7 and 14

Spell to attract a large audience Ingredients:one playbill/program for the show, one yellow candle, 3 grapes, one piece of red velvet cloth, 10 golden coins (legal tender), one metal bowl. Method:

  1. Before beginning the ritual, visualize the performance space. In your mind’s eye, envision a full house.
  2. Keep an open mind. While still thinking about why you are conducting this ritual, light the candle with a match and set the program or playbill aflame, letting it burn inside the bowl.
  3. Using your left hand, squeeze the grapes over the ashes while saying: “By the Dionisian power of this juice, I invoke you, restless spirits, on [date and time of performance]. May your presence light the way and fill my temple with power.”
  4. Then, place the coins on top of the velvet and add the mix to the bowl. Fold the fabric four times. Leave it in the center of the stage where the performance will be held for at least two nights.

created and cast
David Espinosa
and Santos Martínez

directed by David Espinosa / music and sound Santos Martínez and David Espinosa / video Diego Dorado

assistant director África Navarro

coproduced by Teatre Lliure and El Local Espacio de Creación with the support of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and the CoNCA - Consell Nacional de les Arts de la Generalitat de Catalunya

information and distribution:

M.O.M.-El Vivero Coaching /
David Espinosa /