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Montjuïc – Espai Lliure Hall from may 4 to 15

This show is a collection of tales dealing with unusual –or outright outlandish–people and events. It is composed of extraordinary tales that nevertheless bear shockingly little resemblance to the stories drawn together by the lugubrious Edgar Allan Poe in one of his memorable novels. These pieces are extraordinary because they are extras, spares. However, when compiled in this cabinet of curiosities and brought to life in the form of a flesh and blood presenter, they threaten to seek out a space of their own, one which may well banish or extinguish them.

Extraordinario A real feast. Lavish lashings of alcohol and cocaine will suffuse your table companions with raging lust and blind love. After dessert, sink your teeth into scatological after - dinner conversations and debaucherous demagogy, all washed down with a hint of gauche divine.


cast Babazorro 1

concept and desing Campanilla / directetion, dramaturgy, setting, construction, culinary story, director assistant, space and management Col·lectiu Babazorro / lighting, setting and construction assistant Isabel Velasco Figueras (Up To You Studio) / collaboration on construction Jaume Riera Costa and Alfred Casas / thanks to Juana D. C., Carmen and Paadin, Luis and Sabrina, Miguel Caballero, Bernardino Cervigón, Fran and Vritis and all those who have preferred to keep their generosity anonymous

coproduced by Teatre Lliure, Associació Cultural Babazorro and Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Terrassa


information and distribution:

Associació Cultural Babazorro