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with the suport of
created and directed by ANGÉLICA LIDDELL
MONTJUÏC february 19

Five hours of theatre in the solitude house with seven actresses, a cellist and an orchestra of mariachis, Spain’s Strongman champion and a nurse. A place where excessive feelings are compensated by physical effort.

A total success at the Festival de Otoño de Madrid 2009 and the 2010 Avignon Festival.

Premiere in Catalonia.

"Five hours worked to exasperation with a furious urge to understand just why everything is going so badly." (Brigitte Salino, Le Monde)
"She has an enormous stage presence: she modulates her voice from a roar to a whisper, moves her arms, twists her neck as we imagine they did in the Greek tragedies, and expresses herself with both face and hands; and she is the author of her words." (Eduardo Haro Tecglen, El País)


Cynthia Aguirre / Júlia Benavente / Perla Bonilla / Getsemaní de San Marcos / Lola Jiménez / Angélica Liddell / María Sánchez / Spain’s Strongman champion Juan Carlos Heredia (substitute Santiago González) / nurse Marta Expósito / Paul de Nut cello / Orquesta Solís mariachis

costumes Josep Font and Angélica Liddell / lighting Carlos Marquerie / sound Felix Magalhanes

lighting assistant Felix Garma and Rafael Echéveretz / stage manager Carmen Menager / stage hand Ernesto Ruiz and Renald San Miguel / management assistant Mamen Adeva /management Gumersindo Puche

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

thanks to La Porta

co-produced by Teatro de la Laboral, Comunidad de Madrid, Iaquinandi s.l., Centro Párraga and Festival de Otoño de la Comunidad de Madrid

with the collaboration of Entrepiernas Producciones (México)

performance in spanish
length of the performance first part 1h. / break 15’ / second part 2h. / break 25’ / third part 1h.