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2 to 4 March


explanation Àlex Gorina

cast Alba Pujol

dramaturgy by Ferran Dordal / visual creation and costumes Silvia Delagneau / lighting Raimon Rius

executive production Helena Font

produced by Indi Gest

collaborators of Temporada Alta - Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona/Salt and Teatre Principal d’Olot

project made in residence of La Seca-Espai Brossa

thanks to Patrícia Mendoza

Useful information

show in Catalan and Spanish languages
approximate lenght 1h. 45' no interval

Peeping Tom film issue  at 18:00

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Parents and children, cinema and theater, reality and fiction ... all this and more, condensed and ready to be seen, watched and dissected on the stage. A theater show on cinema (and a masterful lesson and a performance...) planed by Alícia Gorina and starring his father, Àlex Gorina, accompanied by Alba Pujol. And attention, that you can also watch the movie before the feature!

Watching Peeping Tom
Watching Peeping Tom
Watching Peeping Tom