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from the novel by CHRISTINE ANGOT directed by CÉLIE PAUTHE

from 02/01 to 3
Season 2018 - 2019

The theatrical version of the novel by Christine Angot, winner of the Prix Décembre 2015. The relationship between a mother, Bulle Ogier, and a daughter, Maria de Mederios. And the terrible silence caused by the father's incest. Violence, rejection and love

artistic schedule

cast Maria de Medeiros and Bulle Ogier

adapted by Christine Angot / artistic collaboration Denis Loubaton / setting Guillaume Delaveau / costumes Anaîs Romand / lighting Sébastien Michaud / music and sound Aline Loustalot / video François Weber
director assistant Marie Fortuit / setting assistant Jean-Michel Arbogast, David Chazelet, Dominique Lainé, Pedro Noguera, Antoine Peccard

setting painting Denis Cavalli, Ghislaine Jolivet-Cavalli and Sybil Kepeklian / costumes made by Margot Destrade-Loustau and Anne Versel / accessory Florence Bruchon helped by Manon Flamion and Mathias Jacques

produced by CDN Besançon Franche-Comté in complicity with Les 2 Scènes, Scène nationale de Besançon

thanks to Edith Vallée

Un amour impossible has ben edited by Flammarion on 2015.

useful information

show in French subtitled in Catalan language
length 1h. 40' no interval

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Calendari i horaris
tariff A
General price from the premiere
29 €
Advanced sales price
(before the premiere)
26 €
With discount *
(except on the audience days)
24'50 €
The audience days:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 17’30h
22 €
Groups from 15 people: 20% discount
21'50 €
Subscriber’s flat rate
(to the tickets not on subscription)
18 €
University groups
15 €
Carnet Jove and under 30s price
15 €
Top row price
(on certain performances)
15 €
Last minute under 30sNEW!
(with carnet Generació Lliure, page 79)
9 €
Secondary groups
7 €

* Descomptes:

Jubilats amb targeta rosa, aturats, persones amb discapacitat, famílies nombroses, monoparentals i d’acollida abonats al TNC i Mercat de les Flors, TR3SC, Biblioteques i Teatres comarcals.

Grups a partir de 15 persones.
informació i reserves: 932 289 747 / 932 892 770

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