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Frederic Amat & cabosanroque & La Veronal

March 20 to 22

cast Frederic Amat, Roger Aixut and Laia Torrents (cabosanroque), Arnau Colomo, Jon López and Marcos Morau

lighting Cube.bz

sound technician Toti Arimany / scene assistant and management Arnau Colomo

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

ATTENTION: the show performances have been cancelled
further information

As part of the Barcelona Dansa: Quinzena Metropolitana, we offer you an unusual combination: the indomitable art of Frederic Amat, with the sonic experimentation of cabosanroque and the electrifying dance of La Veronal. They came together for two days at the Barcelona Auditori in 2018, on December 15 and 16 2018. We like to present them again this high-voltage coupling that disrupts the senses. 

Wednesday and Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

tickets 9€ using the free card Generació Lliure!!
pack 32€
with Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner

follow on the net @la.veronal / #RRR / #FredericAmat / #cabosanroque

1h. 10' no interval
"RRR. With these three loud and vibrant letters, a show that makes the stage of Gràcia a crossing and correspondence space between different creative worlds, each with its own coordinates, is presented at the Teatre Lliure: a dialogue without a map between the dance of La Veronal - choreographed by Marcos Morau and danced by Jon López, the music and the sound space of cabosanroque - with the unexpected machinations of Laia Torrents and Roger Aixut - and the pictorial images of Frederic Amat - who tense the painting with the action on stage. As accomplices, they will have a chorus of seven sculptural and sound characters that scrutinize and reverberate what happens on stage.
With a constant buzz - curiosity, the enigma of three letters that illuminate -, RRR opens an unexpected space that each provides a very diverse background to explore and overcome the boundaries between image, sound and movement, to surprise the spectator until the fading, offering the mosaic of scenes to the audience's sight and hearing in which the ink choreography stains the notes of the kaleidoscopic score of cabosanroque, which is torn by the breadth of La Veronal's movement. "
- Frederic Amat, cabosanroque i La Veronal