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#ClassicsDesgenerats #DonesLliures

Dones Lliures


coordinated by CRISTINA CLEMENTE

Espai Lliure
from 01/17 to 20
Season 2018 - 2019

DONES LLIURES want to be a forum for artistic and social debate, open to all eyes and opinions. A place that, for two weeks of January, welcomes both creation and reflection on the roles women assume, their barriers and obvious and subcutaneous machismo, which subtly impregnate the most intimate areas of women and men today. This artistic space takes two very specific lines:

  • Four debate sessions, from 9 to 13 January, organized around the screening of documentaries, in which prominent names of feminine activism will participate in various professional areas.
  • CLÀSSICS DESGENENRATS, from the 17th to the 20th of January, a show which emerge from an essential question: what would have happened if the classic characters would had been women? To get an answer, eight women playwrights and directors have dealt with eight fundamental texts from our cultural heritage and have tried to free them from the connotations of gender. The result is a show structured in two sessions of dramatized readings.

All the activities of DONES LLIURES will be held in the Espai Lliure of Montjuïc.

Clàssics desgenerats

session 1
LA DORA GRAY from The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde dramaturgy and directed by Carol López
cast Marta Bayarri and Eduard Buch

LA MAISON DU LORS from Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov dramaturgy and directed Carla Torres
cast Anna Barrachina and Roser Vilajosana

TAQUES DE TARDOR from Otello by William Shakespeare dramaturgy and directed by Denise Duncan
cast Malcolm McCarthy and Carol Muakuku

FRANKENSTEIN from the novel by Mary Shelley dramaturgy and directed by Clàudia Cedó
cast Enric Cambray and Júlia Truyol

performances 01/17 at 20:30 / 01/19 and 01/20 at 18:00

session 2
DELICADA from The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells dramaturgy and directed by Marta Buchaca
cast Laura Conejero and Josep Julien

L'ÚLTIMA PÀGINA from Macbeth by William Shakespeare dramaturgy and directed by Marilia Samper
cast Jordi Andújar and Ester Cort

KILL AGAMMÈMNON from Electra by Sofocles dramaturgy and directed Carla Rovira
cast Sílvia Albert and Violeta Vigna

LISÍSTRATA from the play by Aristophanes dramaturgy and directed by Lali Àlvarez
cast Clara Garcés

performances 01/18 at 20:30 / 01/19 and 01/20 at 20:00

costumes and scene elements Xesca Salvà / lighting Maria Domènech / sound Odil Bright

coordination assistant Georgina Oliva

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

produced by Teatre Lliure

staged readings in catalan
approximate length per session 50' no interval

follow #DonesLliures and #ClassicsDesgenerats on twitter

Calendari i horaris
Tarifas (MANUAL) 

12€ per sessió
18€ pack 2 sessions

El public opina

- Gema Moraleda @GemOnTheMoon - 17 Jan
Primera part dels #ClàssicsDesgenerats @teatrelliure Seguiran fins diumenge, aneu-hi!! #recomano 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 https://t.co/pI2QERPGkN
- Carla Torres BCN @carlatorresbcn - 17 Jan
- Teatre Lliure @teatrelliure - 17 Jan
Què hauria passat si els personatges clàssics haguessin estat dones? La resposta a partir d'avui i fins diumenge a… https://t.co/syAgT3BOsK
- Aida Moré @aidaa28 - 15 Jan
Ganesss! Jo hi vaig dijous🤓 #ClàssicsDesgenerats https://t.co/kd8QSSWDnv
- Dones @icdones - 08 Jan
🗓️L'11/01, el @teatrelliure organitza una taula de debat sobre el paper de les #dones en el #Lideratge, amb la pres… https://t.co/73mXUq3SvA
- Carla Torres BCN @carlatorresbcn - 17 Jan
- DO Catalunya @DOCatalunya - 17 Jan
- Teatre Lliure @teatrelliure - 17 Jan
Què hauria passat si els personatges clàssics haguessin estat dones? La resposta a partir d'avui i fins diumenge a… https://t.co/syAgT3BOsK
- Recomana.cat @Recomana_ - 17 Jan
🥂 El primer BRINDIS de 2019 ho fem amb: @Butaquesisomnis i @22JCO que parlen de la situació de les dones al teatre… https://t.co/pL2GpH6AzT
- Recomana.cat @Recomana_ - 17 Jan
🗣Comencem el primer #TastCultural de 2019, entrevistant la Georgina Oliva, coordinadora del cicle #DonesLliures del… https://t.co/S1CAybFdpt
- Teló de fons @Telodefons - 17 Jan
Comencen les autores i directores catalanes a ser més visibles a la cartellera? Aquesta nit, amb @almavlaminckhttps://t.co/Lww26YDNqf
- Didac 🎗 @Didacfb - 13 Jan
Fabulosa #janeEyreLliure avui al @teatrelliure #Gràcia. Teatre excel•lent: text, interpretació, música i unes pintu… https://t.co/RCqPnwgdWn
- DONA'M CINE @Donamcine - 13 Jan
Avui a les 19:15h, en el marc de "#DonesLliures - fòrum de debat artístic i social" col·loqui en streaming 'Dones e… https://t.co/rCe0t00Hxr
- Marta López @mmartalop - 13 Jan
Gràcies @eli_vivas . Moltissim #talentfemeni tenen les companyes amb les que just ahir vaig compartir taula rodona… https://t.co/tsWkafUkMf

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