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from 02/05 to 10

artistic schedule

cast Enric Monfort / off voice Pep Cortés / singer Alexandra Duvekot

setting José Antonio Portillo / books and musical objects Mari Carmen Puchol, Nacho Diago, David Espinosa, Elisa Sanz and José Antonio Portillo / original music and musical direction Enric Monfort / sound Roel van Doorn and Enric Monfort / software Poul Holleman / video Hermes Marco / lightting David Bofarull
sound technician Poul Holleman /  technical director, hand stage and lighting Marcos Orbegozo and Diego Rosselló / design and configuration QR Jorge Aparici / photo Hermes Marco and Antonio Portillo / management Toni Benavent
set up made by Mambo Decorados / props Marcos Orbegozo

and  the teams of the Teatre Lliure

co-produced Portillo-Monfort, IVC Generalitat Valenciana, ADDA Alicante and Caja de Burgos

with the collaboration of the Teatre Lliure, the Universitat Jaume I and Teatre del Raval/Ajuntament de Castelló

useful information

show in Catalan language
length 50' no interval
recommended from 6 to 12
ATTENTION  no performance on 02/09

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The final culmination of the project by two unique creative personalities: the set designer and school teacher José Antonio Portillo and the musician Enric Monfort, who combine their artistic worlds here. We were able to see the beginning of this project at the Teatre Lliure in the 15/16 season. Come and read the sounds!

Biblioteca de sons i sorolls
Biblioteca de sons i sorolls
Biblioteca de sons i sorolls
Biblioteca de sons i sorolls