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Winner of the 2015 Critics Award for the Best Play for Young Audiences and for a Young Actor, and of the Serra d'Or Prize for a Theatrical Production in 2015. Dedicated to Carlo Giuliani, the young activist shot dead during the G8 summit in Genoa in July 2001. Welcome to global freedom under surveillance. Welcome to the twenty-first century.

Europe, summer of 2001. Ragazzo's home town is being subjected to the most extensive restrictions of social rights that the continent has experienced since the Second World War: borders are closed, the Schengen agreement is suspended, demonstrations and gatherings are prohibited in some areas of the city; hanging clothes to dry on balconies is prohibited. Arrests. Identity checks. 30,000 police officers patrolling the streets and they do not allow access to the "Zona Rossa", where world leaders are attending the G8 summit.
Despite everything, Ragazzo is enjoying summer in the city: he has recently squatted a cosy place with some friends which they have fitted out as a home, he's on holiday, he has time to listen to music, read, cook, fall in love... and to participate in the World Social Forum which has also descended on the town, where more than half a million people are discussing what this "other possible world" that has been imagined as an alternative to globalisation for some years would be like. His fate will be sealed when he takes the decision to join the Column of Disobedience, who have decided to undertake a peaceful action of civil disobedience: breaching the boundaries of the 'Zona Rossa'.
How should he react to this threat? Is a government that has to hide behind armour-plating when taking decisions legitimate? Who uses violence (and what for)? What is impunity? Is another world possible?
Ragazzo is a demand for life, for the dignity of personal stories, for the vindication of the collective memory and the history that the masters of the world never write for us.
Lali Álvarez Garriga

cast Oriol Pla

lighting Núria Solina / sound Pau Matas Nogué

director assistant Quimet Pla / staging assistant Irene Vicente / collaborators Aleix Aguilà and Isaac Domínguez

thanks to Haidi Giuliani, Elena Giuliani, Teresa Garriga, Dani Lagartofernández, Agnés Mateus, Sergi Gutiérrez, Diana Pla, Ignasi Álvarez, Anna Gonzalvo, Viky Benítez, Mariona Álvarez, Marisol Casas, Txus Martínez, Carles Álvarez, Francesca Mascetti, Vanesa Rise, Eloise Barighini, Andre de Lotto, Guido Ramellini, Ida Mauro, Katia Bosco, Dario Ferraro and Marta Garolera
and a special thanks to Zoo group to let use their music on stage

show in Catalan language
length 1h. 20' no interval

performance recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

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