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The season in Gràcia begins after passing through the GREC Festival 2016, and with the conviction that the world it depicts is not very far from where we are now. It is The Nether, Jennifer Haley's text which has received the Susan Smith Blackburn prize in New York and seven Ovation Awards in Los Angeles, and has been performed at the Royal Court in London, Off-Broadway and in the West End. A challenge for moral thought, a disturbing vision of virtual life.

A new virtual wonderland provides total sensory immersion. Just enter, choose an identity and enjoy your every whim. A disturbing crime drama and a science fiction thriller that examines the consequences of living out our private dreams. An examination of moral responsibility in virtual worlds, and a stark warning about the future of the Internet.
The play moves between two worlds. The first is an opaque reality, in which a detective interrogates the creator of a virtual kingdom. A kingdom where your hidden desires can come true. The second is the same kingdom, where you can literally smell, touch, taste... and where, to complicate matters even further, adult users connected from the real world can create avatars and choose their sex and age... any age... This play presents a high-tech digital world where it is possible to live in a virtual reality and commit crimes without suffering the consequences. The investigation of a virtual realm and its activities, which are as realistic as they might be in real life, is slippery ethical terrain if we are free to explore the remotest corners of our imagination without any limits on our more perverse fantasies. A clash of wills that leads to a result that no one could have imagined. A play that is full of suspense, artfully constructed and fiercely intelligent, which forces us to confront profoundly disturbing questions about the limits of reality. Just because something does not exist does not mean that it is not real. This is the other side of the Internet, the web: alternative lives in a future that is already here.
Juan Carlos Martel Bayod

cast Andreu Benito / Joan Carreras / Gala Marqués - Carla Schilt / Víctor Pi / Mar Ulldemolins

translation from English Neus Bonilla / setting ans costumes Alejandro Andújar / make up Eva Fernández / lighting David Bofarull (a.a. i.) / sound Damien Bazin / video and LED content Joan Rodón / LED control technology and pixel mapping ProtoPixel

director assistant Georgina Oliva / trainee setting from the Institut del Teatre Mercè Lucchetti

set up made by Pascualín / costumes made by Época Barcelona

co-produced by Teatre Lliure and GREC 2016 Festival de Barcelona

show in Catalan
approximate length 1h. 20' no interval

no recommended under 14 years old

10/02 debate with the company after the show

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