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Las personas del verbo

Joan Ollé pays tribute to one of his personal heroes, Jaime Gil de Biedma. A reflection on the Barcelona author, based on his own and others' texts. Literary, dramatic and poetic.
Jaime Gil de Biedma on stage? Or in his senior executive's office, or in a bar, in the early hours of the morning; the important thing is conversation, what is said and how it is explained, giving pleasure to the listener.
That is the intention: to invite you to listen as Jaime Gil tells us about all his lives through poetry, diaries, correspondence, interviews... The young poet learned that a poem can be a dramatic monologue from his teacher Eliot.
Three Jaimes on stage - the youth, the adult and the posthumous version? Or maybe me, you and us: the persons of the Verb. And she, they, who are also in his words. And the words of his friends Estapé, Barral, Ferrater, Marsé...
Today, at the Lliure, Catalan poetry in Spanish.
Joan Ollé

cast Ivan Benet / Judit Farrés / Mario Gas / Pep Munné

off Fabià Estapé / Gabriel Ferrater / Juan Marsé / Joan Manuel Serrat

scenic mouvement Andrés Corchero / setting Sebastià Brosa / costumes Míriam Compte / make up Núria Llunell / lighting Lyonel Spycher / video Francesc Isern / sound space Damien Bazin / music composition Judit Farrés, Walter García on 'Canción de aniversario' and Joan Manuel Serrat on 'No volveré a ser joven' / arrangements Judit Farrés and Josep Mas 'Kitflus'

director assistant Iban Beltran / setting assistant Sergi Corbera / costumes assistant Nídia Tusal / advisor on Spanish language diction Pere Navarro-URV

set up made by Jorba Miró / costumes made by Joan Baseiria and Goretti Puente

produced by Teatre Lliure

thanks to Perer Rovira, Juan Marsé, Inés García-Albi and Maria Basora
and a really special thanks to Joan Manuel Serrat to give us a song

show in Spanish language
approximate length
first part 1h. / interval 15' / second part 45'

hand program in Braille language avalaible at the box office

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