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L'ànec salvatge

A society that is repressed, which protects itself, lurches into a crisis when someone returns home and begins to uncover the past. A psychological drama written in 1884, and Julio Manrique's first Ibsen.

A wounded duck lives with other animals in the dusty attic of a humble house in a small town in a small country in northern Europe where it's always cold. As if the occupants of the house, the poor but reasonably happy (that is just an opinion, of course) members of the Ekdal family, had picked up a piece of the forest or had invented one to provide an outlet for their fantasies, or their delusions, depending on how you look at it. But, as grandfather Ekdal warns at one point, sooner or later "the woods revenge themselves".
Many fictions, or at least many of the fictions that I like (and that of course includes dramatic fiction), consist of this: a community, a specific group of people, persists by obeying certain rules. Good or bad, they have been established as the mechanism that ensures the group's survival. The story, or at least the story that interests us dramatically, begins when someone, the other, the stranger, knocks on the door, watches how the group in question operates, and at a specific point in time (either out of malice, the desire to help, or a disturbing mixture of both) calls these rules into question.
Something like this happens in The Wild Duck (a wonderful and surprisingly little-known Ibsen that has rarely been performed in this country). Someone knocks on the door and the poor but reasonably happy members of the Ekdal family decide to open it…
Julio Manrique

Andreu Benito Werle / Ivan Benet Hialmar / Jordi Bosch Relling / Laura Conejero Gina / Pablo Derqui Gregor / Miranda Gas Soerby / Jordi Llovet Petersen, Molvik / Lluís Marco Ekdal / Carles Pedragosa músico / Elena Tarrats Heda, Hedvige

setting Lluc Castells / costumes Maria Armengol / make up by Ignasi Ruiz / lighting Jaume Ventura / original music and arrangements Carles Pedragosa / sound and video Damien Bazin

director assistant Marc Artigau / setting assistant Mercè Lucchetti / costumes assistant Raquel Ibort / trainee assistant actor from the Institut del Teatre Martina Roura / trainee assitant from the Scenografic Design Master -  Elisava Juli Sanjuan

set up made by Arts-cenics, Jorba Miró, Taller d'escenografia Jordi Castells and Pascualín / costumes made by Goretti Puente

produced by Teatre Lliure

with the collaboration of Montibello, Steinhart, Cebado, D'Orleac, Tweezerman, Punto Blanco i Marco Pascali

show in Catalan language
approximate length first part 1h.30' / interval 15' / second part 1h.

subtitled in Spanish ans English on Saturday from 03/11

03/17 performance accessible with subtitles for hearing impairment people and audio description for visually impaired people
hand programme in Braille language avalaible at the box office

performance recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

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