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The Sixto Paz company presents a Jan Vilanova Claudín play into historical memory, looking at personal relationships. A performance that was born in the Sala Beckett, which we wanted to revive.

16 June 1944. Night has fallen. Thirty anti-Nazi resistance fighters are being executed by the Gestapo in a field near Lyon. Among the group awaiting death, one man appears to be the odd one out: he's around sixty years old and looks like an absent-minded teacher. He is Marc Bloch, a historian of crucial importance for the twentieth century, and the advocate of a more human history.
Seventy-one years later, in 2015, a young university student falls in love with a girl who happens to be the daughter of his history teacher. The three characters that make up this triangle try to understand the relations between them a little better.
Can we get to know the dreams, shadows, or even the silences of others?
"History would help us to cure this weakness. It includes a vast experience of human diversities, a continuous contact with men. Life, like science, has everything to gain from it, if only these contacts be friendly." The historian's craft, by Marc Bloch

Understanding is a word that is full of difficulties but also full of hope. It is a word full of friendship. We judge too much. It is very easy to shout "shoot them all!" We never understand enough. Those who are different from us, whether because they are foreign, or a political opponent, must almost necessarily have a bad background. A little more intelligence in the soul is necessary, even when waging the inevitable struggles; all the more reason to avoid them, if there is time.
This play aims to pay tribute to a way of understanding and experiencing history, based on the work of the historian and anti-Nazi resistance fighter Marc Bloch. It aims to make this science more accessible - a history that is not alien to each of our longings, lights and shadows, because the subject it studies is people and their consciences.
History can accompany us in the experience of life based on this humanity, and this is the basis for the creation of this play.
Jan Vilanova Claudín

cast Miquel Gelabert - Víctor Pi / Vicky Luengo / Pau Roca

scenic space Paula Bosch / costumes Silvia Delagneau / lighting Ignasi Bosch / video Paula Bosch / movement Patrícia Bargalló / music Pablo Miranda & Txume Viader

director assistant Isis Martín & Patrícia Bargalló / management David Costa and Adriana Nadal

produced by Sixto Paz Produccions

thanks to La Perla 29, Pilar Mir, Anna Cuscó, Luis Martí, Alberto Barberà, Toni Ramoneda, Joan Meseguer, Andreu Mayayo, Ricard Vinyes, Pilar Nadal, Marcel Vilarós, Teatre de l'Enjòlit & Eugenio Szwarcer

show in Catalan language
length 1h. 15' no interval

performance recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

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