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Filla del seu pare

The company consisting of Aleix Aguilà, Júlia Barceló, Pol López and Pau Vinyals present an updated version of Hedda Gabler, which they performed Temporada Alta Theatre Festival in 2015. Pau Miró's first Ibsen.

BCN Playwrights 2017 Price to he best classic text's version/adaptation.

"It's so difficult to know what we want and yet we want everything..."

Hedda Gabler is a brilliant woman who tries to fit into a very mediocre cliché. This effort is devastating for her and for everyone around her. In fact, we already know her story, but Filla del seu pare is another matter. While the essence of the conflict and much of the plot take us back to Ibsen's original, Filla del seu pare involves a complete rewriting of the classic. An absolutely uninhibited exercise by Aleix Aguilà. Don't be distracted by the anachronisms. Its particular and modern perspective sheds brutal light on one of the driving forces that defines our times: the unhealthy obsession to appear and realise ourselves in virtual spaces. This effort is clearly in vain - frustration and existential emptiness do not disappear, however many times we click here and there. This leads to solitude, and to a dangerous self-destructive desire in the case of Hedda. A desire that comes with a minimal silver lining: individual freedom (not individualism) as the only antidote to mediocrity. Aleix has made a vaudeville out of all this. A vaudeville that advances towards the abyss. It is tailor-made for Júlia, Pau and Pol, La Companyia Solitària, to which I feel a special attachment. Because of its uniqueness, because of the risks they take in each production and above all, because of the intelligence and the sense of humour that infuse their work.
Pau Miró

cast Júlia Barceló Hedda Tesman / Pol López Ejlert Lovbørg / Pau Vinyals Jørgen Tesman

setting and costumes Judit Colomer / lighting Raimon Rius

management Júlia Molins

co-produced by Companyia Solitària de Teatre and Temporada Alta - Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona/Salt

thanks to Caterina Barjau, Pep Colomer, Joanot Cortès, Albert Pons, Maria Rovelló, Lluís Rovirola, Joan Soler, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Focus, Club de Tir de Montjuïc, Fabra i Coats, Círculo Ecuestre de Barcelona, Estudi Carmel, Subtitula't, Lluïsos de Gràcia and Smeg - Tecnología con estilo

show in Catalan language
approximate lenght 1h. 25' no interval

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