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The company consisting of Alberto Díaz, Albert Prat and Sergi Torrecilla brings to the stage a text by Josep Maria Miró on the construction and destruction of memory. To what extent is an official version accurate? What is lost forever in the process
of producing it?

Best Actress Theatre BBVA Price 2017  to Anna Azcona.

In all the plays I write, I ask myself questions and at the same time try to convey them to the audience. These are issues that worry me or for which I don't usually have any answers. They often refer to our history - personal, family or collective - in an attempt to explain and understand who we are and our current circumstances. On that basis, how do we construct memory and what is our starting point?
Or paradoxical as it may seem, is the construction of memory an act of destruction? The protagonists of our play - in a space that combines an intimate family setting and the public dimension of a foundation created by the parents - are preparing a book. That provided me with a starting point for talking about a subject as fragile and uncertain as the creation of official narratives.
This encounter, and the need to shape a past, highlights different people's perceptions and the need to reach agreements that are more or less faithful to reality, and lead to a certain coexistence. As I have discussed in previous plays, the word in turn becomes a beautiful and dangerous tool for communication, isolation and manipulation, creating realities, relationships and truths through lies and assumptions.
Since its inception, I have been a observed of the plays and the development of La Ruta 40 theatre company very closely. Its record and commitment when selecting authors, titles and subjects has always seemed to me to be a statement of intent and a precise and consistent theatrical perspective, so now it is a pleasure to share this project with them.
Josep Maria Miró

cast Anna Azcona Paula / Alberto Díaz Oriol / David Menéndez Lluc / Sergi Torrecilla Bernat

scenic space and costumes Xesca Salvà / lighting August Viladomat / sound space Joan Solé

director assistant Roger Vila

set up made by Punt de Fuga

management Maria G. Rovelló

co-produced by Mithistòrima Produccions/La Planeta and La Ruta 40

with the support of the Temporada Alta – Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona/Salt, the Nau Ivanow and L’Excèntrica

La Planeta is subsideied by ICEC, Ajuntament de Girona and Diputació de Girona

thanks to Oscar and Vito Machancoses; Ignasi, Aleix and Adrià Guasch; Reixach family, Cristina Cervià, Matthieu Verhelst, Roberto G. Alonso, TNC, L’Excèntrica and Ajuntament de Cornellà de Llobregat/Factoria SI.

show in Catalan
length 1h. 20' no interval

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