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A teatro con Eduardo

Two essential works by De Filippo: the first act of Home [Man and gentleman] and in its entirety, La gran il·lusió [The illusionist]. An entertaining immersion in the art of the theatre and the truth of fiction provided by a theatre company and an illusionist. Directed by Lluís Pasqual.

Barcelona Critic's Prices to the Best Direction to Lluís Pasqual and Best Scenic Space to Alejandro Andújar and Lluís Pasqual.

“Theatre is the desperate efforts made by man in an attempt to give some meaning to life”. Eduardo de Filippo
A night of theatre with Eduardo de Filippo,  an author who loves everything about it, themes, characters, spectators... is always promising. The evening consists of two works: the first act of a piece from his youth, Home i senyor [Man and Gentleman], in which we see a rehearsal by a theatre company in a hotel. And then La gran il·lusió, in which the first act takes place in a hotel where the guests become the audience of a magic show. Eduardo de Filippo has never been so close to Pirandello. Life is like a play at the theatre, yes, but also like a Chinese box or a Russian doll that contains one inside another, and another and another, like an illusion that never ends... Hilarity and excitement come together in the hands of this Neapolitan genius who used the theatre to explain life, always with an easy-going smile on his lips, very similar to ours.
Lluís Pasqual

Laura Aubert
Viola, Marta Di Spelta / Jordi Bosch Gennaro De Sia, Otto Marvuglia / Robert González Mariano D'Albino, hotel waiter, singer / Oriol Guinart Gervasio Penna, Gennarino / Teresa Lozano Ms. Locascio, Matilde / Ramon Madaula Calogero Di Spelta / Francesca Piñón Florence, Ms. Marino, Rosa Intrugli / Albert Ribalta M. Zampa, Roberto Magliano, Gregorio / Marc Rodríguez Attilio, Il Brigadiere, Oreste Intrugli / Mercè Sampietro Zaira

musicians Laura Aubert / Robert González / Pablo Martorelli / Carles Pedragosa - Roman Gottwald

music Dani Espasa / setting Alejandro Andújar and Lluís Pasqual / costumes Alejandro Andújar / make up Eva Fernández / lighting Xavier Clot / sound Roc Mateu / video Franc Aleu

director assistant Juan Carlos Martel Bayod / director assistant 2 Òscar Fabrés / costumes assistant Maria Albadalejo / setting assistant Jorge Salcedo / trainee direction from the Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona Judith López

set up made by Taller d'escenografia Jordi Castells, Arts-cènics and Pascualín / costumes made by Ángel Domingo and Luis Espinosa / costumes finish María Calderón / video management Surreal Lab

produced by Teatre Lliure

show in Catalan
approximate length 2h. no interval

subtitled in Spanish ans English on Saturday from 04/09

hand programme in Braille language avalaible at the box office
04/08 performance accessible with subtitles for hearing impairment people and audio description for visually impaired people

04/10 debate with the company after the show

performance recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

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