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Sota la ciutat

Llàtzer Garcia and the company Arcàdia bring a Barcelona of defeated dreamers to the stage. A city lived in, forgotten, and rediscovered.

Something exceptional must have happened that night, because Dàlia and David reconsidered the direction of their lives and decided to flee from the tedious and provincial place where they lived. A place that would not allow them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.
It is a pity, however, that when they reached their new destination they could not find anyone who said something to them like... “You have to be very strong in this city to stand out."
Sota la ciutat [Under the city] is a story of broken dreams. It contains characters who are determined to give extraordinary meaning to their lives to escape from the trap of mediocrity. And this determination is shared by all the characters gathered here: both those at the top who are desperate to stay where they are, and those struggling desperately to get there. Those who have fallen can only learn to savour the pleasure of defeat.
A city also appears, with more shadows than light. This city is Barcelona, and specifically the street of carrer del Diluvi. The characters that appear there are people I met one day and others that perhaps I will meet one day. And the era, as I cannot understand it in any other way, is the present.
Llàtzer Garcia

cast Marta Aran Míriam / Oriol Casals David / Muguet Franc Dàlia / Laura López Bàrbara Bonay / Albert Pérez Narcís Munt

setting and costumes Albert Pascual / lighting August Viladomat / sound space Arcàdia

director assistant Maria Casellas

produced by Sala La Planeta (Mithistòrima Produccions S.L.)
with the collaboration of Temporada Alta - Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona/Salt
with the support of the ICEC - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, the Diputació de Girona and the Ajuntament de Girona

thanks to Guillem Motos, Clara Gispert, Albert Arribas, Marc Rosich, Albert Prat, Víctor Muñoz, Guillem Rodríguez, Q-Ars teatre and Nau Ivanow

show in Catalan
approximate length 1h. 50' no interval

04/24 debate with the company after the show

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