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The second offering from Teatro de la Ciudad. Medea, with Èdip rei and Antígona comes to the Lliure in marathon format.

A woman who is completely mature in her strength, intelligence and beauty, who has done unspeakable things for a man's love, tears her soul apart to find the words that can give form to the deeds she will do to exact revenge, now that he rejects her love. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, surrounded by a 'children's choir', pushed by her pathos to kill them.

“You don't know what crying is yet, just wait until you're old.”
“There is no pain worse than the pain of love," says Medea, says Seneca. If so... what can we do? Have we never felt it? Medea is daring - Medea places our entire hand into the wounds and confronts us with our fears, or rather our pain, or to put it another way: if pain is a sign of life, our life. That's why Medea scares me, and yet I can't stop looking. Medea is so contrary to Seneca's idea of virtue and yet so attractive to the author.
Andrés Lima

cast Laura Galán wet-nurse / Joana Gomila coryphaeus / Andrés Lima coryphaeus / Aitana Sánchez-Gijón Medea

setting Eduardo Moreno, Alejandro Andújar and Beatriz San Juan / costumes Beatriz San Juan / lighting Valentín Álvarez / video Miguel Ángel Raió / sound Sandra Vicente and Enrique Mingo / original music Jaume Manresa / chorus Coro de Jóvenes de Madrid / soloists Joana Gomila, Joan Roca and Jaume Manresa / chorus director's Juan Pablo de Juan

director assistant Laura Ortega

technical team on tour
technical director and lighting Juan Luis Moreno / lighting and sound José Peña / sound and audiovisuals Enrique Mingo / stage hand and audiovisuals Fernando Díaz / stage manager and dresser Remedios Gómez / manager Elisa Fernández / promotion and communication elNorte Comunicación y Cultura

co-produced by Teatro de la Ciudad and Teatro de La Abadía

show in Spanish
approximate length 1h. 10' no interval

performance recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

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