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La piedra oscura

A text by Alberto Conejero, winner of the 2015 Ceres Prize for the Best Playwright, which has just premiered at Spain's National Drama Centre, inspired by the life of Rafael Rodríguez Rapún – a student of Mining Engineering, the secretary of the Barraca and a companion of Federico García Lorca during the final years of their lives. A vibrant piece that raises questions about the naturalisation of our most recent past and the fate of the forgotten in the dustbins of history.

5 Max Awards 2016: Best Drama Show, Best Authorship, Best Scenic Direction, Best Scenic Space and Best Lighting Design.

A room in a military hospital near Santander; two men who do not know each other, who are forced to share the terrible hours of a countdown that may end in the morning with the death of one of the two. A secret covered in remorse, and a name that resonates through the walls of the room: Federico. Only the safekeeping of documents and manuscripts remains as a last gesture of love.

Daniel Grao Rafael / Nacho Sánchez Sebastián

co-produced by Centro Dramático Nacional and LAZONA

show in Spanish language
length 1h. no interval