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La parola canta

They came to the Lliure last season with Le Voci di dentro by De Filippo and they are returning with a recital of songs, Neapolitan poems and fragments of theatre, accompanied by the Solis String Quartet. They are Peppe and Toni Servillo.

A concert, a concert, a festival consisting of music, poetry and songs celebrating Naples, the eternal magic of its living tradition, the importance of an encounter between eras and of sharing culture to the greatest extent possible.
On this special occasion, Peppe and Toni Servillo, with the valuable and evocative support of the Solis String Quartet, will be singing poetry and reciting songs, reviving and paying tribute to some of the greatest achievements of culture in Neapolitan dramatic culture, taking in literature, the theatre and music: from Eduardo de Filippo to Raffaele Viviani, from E. A. Mario to Libero Bovio, and including contemporary voices like those of Enzo Moscato and Mimmo Borrelli. An endless vein of fantasy and poetic richness in which the extraordinary stage creativity of Peppe and Toni Servillo is born and nurtured.

voice Peppe Servillo and Toni Servillo

music Solis String Quartet Vincenzo Di Donna violin / Luigi De Maio violin / Gerardo Morrone viola / Antonio Di Francia cello and guitar

sound Massimo D'Avanzo / lighting Francesco Adinolfi / stage manager Daghi Rondanini / management on tour Mara Milanesi

produced by Teatri Uniti di Napoli

with the collaboration of Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa

The internacional activity of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano is supported by Eni

show in Italian and Napolitan subtitled in Catalan
length 1h. 45' no interval

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