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Hotel Paradiso

This is the most wicked and mysterious show by the German company Familie Flöz, who specialise in expression using non-verbal languages. A small Alpine hotel with hot springs, run by the members of a single family, becomes the scenario for a series of crimes. A thriller in body language, full of black humour.

Sebastian Kautz / Anna Kistel / Frederik Rohn / Nicolas Witte

masks Hajo Schüler and Thomas Rascher / setting Michael Ottopal / costumes Eliseu R. Weide / lighting Reinhard Hubert / music Dirk Schröder

technical director Max Rux / management assistant Dorén Gräfendorf / management Gianni Bettucci

co-produced by Familie Flöz, Theaterhaus Stuttgart and Theater Duisburg

performance no words
length 1h. 20' no interval

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