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En veu baixa

Quietly, by the Northern Irish writer Owen McCafferty, looks at how terrorists and their victims live together after the conflict has ended. A piece from 2012, endorsed by the Writers' Guild Award for the best theatrical text, the Fringe First Award and the Stage Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 2013. Directed by Ferran Madico.

28 March 2009. A pub in Belfast. On the television, Northern Ireland and Poland are playing a World Cup qualification match. Tonight, two middle-aged men from Belfast will meet for the first time. They have a shared past. They have to talk. En veu baixa [Quietly] is a powerful story about violence. Two radically opposed people in the same space, united by the same pain.
“When you kill a being human because of ideology, you kill a human being.”
Northern Ireland is a historical example of violence entrenched not only within a society but within a small community, where the enemy lives across the road.
En veu baixa discusses violence (subjective and systematic symbolic) but also considers what has to be done after the violence has ended. This new phase is a very contemporary uncertainty. As a society, are we strong enough to deal with it?
If the theatre should inspire questions in us rather than provide answers, contemporary theatre has an added responsibility: it must question us about our most immediate contemporary reality.
What do we do with terrorist violence? What do we do with the victims - and an even more complex question, what do we do with the victimizers? Can we be reborn from ourselves? As human beings, are we capable of forgiving the unforgivable?
Ferran Madico

cast Francesc Garrido Jimmy / Òscar Rabadan Ian / Xisco Segura Robert

translation from English language Joan Sellent / setting Damià Corfrén / costumes Mercè Paloma / make up Toni Santos / lighting Albert Faura / sound Roc Mateu / video Igor Pinto / grafitti Olmo di Gesú and Jose Luis Ramos

director assistant Bernat Muñoz / setting assistant Sarah Bernardy / scenic advisor Ferran Carvajal / trainee setting from the Institut del Teatre Mercè Lucchetti

set up made by Guillermo Góngora and Pablo Paz

produced by Teatre Lliure

thanks to Patxi Urribaren, Marga Lalande, Oscar Negredo and Jose Vargas (ACVOT)

show in Catalan
approximate length 1h. 20' no interval

05/29 debate with the company after the show

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