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El minuto del payaso

“Where's the adventure, the risk, the journey, in short... Where's life as an experience?”. That's the question posed by the character created by Fernando Soto in the last show by the Madrid company Teatro El Zurdo. A clown.

"A vibrant play with nods to metareality which achieves the audience’s enthusiastic participation." (ABC)

On the day of the "Circus Tribute Festival," a charitable event featuring a series of circus performances in a theatre, a clown is waiting for his turn in the pit. He's going to emerge on stage from a trapdoor. In the solitude while he waits, he reviews and recalls moments from his past and tells us about his relationship with his family and the people and events that have defined the circus, where he was born. A television producer has also come along to ask him to do his performance - the same every day - at one o'clock in the morning on a late show. One minute.

cast Luis Bermejo

set and costumes Mónica Boromello / lighting Eduardo Vizuete / musical selection Fernando Soto

setting assistant Alessio Meloni / management Luis Crespo

produced by Teatro El Zurdo

show in Spanish language
length 1h. 15' no interval

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