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El baró dels arbres

Il barone rampante tells the story of events that happened on 15 June 1767 in Ombrosa (Italy). Put that way, it only seems like a historical event fact lost in some remote book, but in fact it is as if it were about to happen now, here, very close by... Cosimo, aged only twelve years old, climbs up a tree and decides never to come down again. Like a little hero, he becomes more and more distant from a world that he does not like in order to change it. A rebel and nonconformist, like all children who tend to see things with more freedom, he leaves the established norms of the adult world behind in order to improve his surroundings. Because Cosimo, stubborn and persistent, believes that the great revolutions begin with oneself. In the trees, he will have great adventures with the fruit thieves, the dreaded brigand Gian Dei Brughi and the poet lieutenant Agrippa Papillon, and will fall madly in love with Viola.
A small story with live music about the greatness of fighting for what one believes in, and about freedom and respect for the environment.

cast Ireneu Tranis / Bufa&Sons Xavi Lozano / Guillem Aguilar / Marc Vila

original idea Taaora Teatre / scenic space Roger Orra / costumes Rosa Lugo and Núria Fàbregas / lighting Aleix Ramisa

director assistant Núria Vizcarro Boix / management Taaroa Teatre Tamara Rentom / management Teatre de l’Aurora Òscar Balcells / management assistant Montse Valentí / media Taaora Teatre Toni Cortès / distribution Escenapart
set up made by Adrià Pinar / puppets made by Zipit Company

co-produced by Taaroa Teatre and Teatre de l’Aurora
with the support of the ICEC - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals
with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Tiana

show in Catalan
length 55' no interval

recommended from 6 to 12 years old

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